From the Heart

My latest documentary From the Heart, which I co directed with Ethan Vincent, follows the story of one doctor and the impact he is making in India in the face of global healthcare. "A hundred years after the first heart surgery, less than 20% of the population can afford it. For 80% of the world's population, if they ever require a heart operation, they're going to die. This is unacceptable. Healthcare has to be available to everyone on this planet with dignity and that is what we are trying to do. And it's going to happen, I'm convinced of that. It's going to happen in our own lifetime." - Dr. Devi ShettyFrom The Heart.

Who is Nathaniel Hansen?

Over the last several years, my independent film projects (one feature and 12 shorts), have focused on the seemingly mundane and everyday lives of individuals all over the globe: rich, poor, young and old. By focusing a lens on the everyday experiences of these individuals, my films provide viewers an intimate look at what it means to really live, and hopefully allows space for the viewer to reflect on experiences that shape who they are and how they think.

As a media artist, my work is self reflexive in that I call attention to the fact that what is being viewed is a subjective construction, not simply an objective observation. Others have called my work existential, in that the subject matter often addresses conditions of existence and a person’s emotions, actions, responsibilities, and thoughts related to that existence. In addition, my work focuses on meaning people create in life through failure, success, and challenges along the way. My subjects are passionate and sincere, and I strive to call attention and give voice to memories and experiences from their seemingly normal lives.

As a commercial producer, director, and editor, I bring years and literally thousands of hours of documentary interview and story producing experiences into the art direction process. This has proved invaluable for clients seeking to re-align their corporate ideals with the desires of their (prospective) customers. On my independent projects, it allows the stories to rise above the framework I've sent them in.

Regardless of title or role, my ultimate objective is to help tell really, really good stories.

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