Documentary Features

Below are examples of my feature documentary work (30 minutes+):

The Elders – A Coming of Age Documentary Portrait Film2011, USA, 80 min
A feature length documentary compiled of short documentary portraits of elders from all over the United States. The film was successfully funded via and a matching donation from a non profit in Los Angeles.

Trek2008, USA, 35 min
This was a commissioned work, a documentary which follows the youth in Nevada re-enacting the Mormon Pioneer trek their ancestors had made in the mid 1800s.

Into A Heart Of Darkness 2005, USA, 36 min
My first documentary film on a serious subject, Into a Heart of Darkness follows a young man’s journey as he confronts his Uncle, Sam, who is a paroled child sex offender.

Film was awarded Boston’s Cecil and Helen Rose “ethics in communication” award in 2004.

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