PROFILES is an ongoing short documentary series that examines ‘everyday’ people in ‘everyday’ places as they go about their lives. The project works under the premise that everyone has a story to tell, and through sharing we can better understand the world in which we live.

Gilbert – A Documentary Short

A documentary short about Gilbert, the Beacon Hill “town crier.” For the last 9 years, since losing his job and becoming homeless, Gilbert has delivered the weather, sports, and breaking headlines from his spot on the Boston Common.

Music (used with permission) in this piece is called “Blue Bicycle” by Dusseldorf-based pianist / composer Volker Bertelmann also known as Hauschka.

Pat – A Documentary Short

This is the second documentary short in my profile series. I’ve walked by this store on Boylston street hundreds of times, and there is always an elderly woman peering out from behind the store front.

The front of the store is all glass, and the display case is filled with “collectible junk.” I couldn’t help but think every time I walked by, “how does this store survive, and what is that woman’s story?” I had no idea just how interesting the woman in the junk shop would turn out to be.

Ron – A Documentary Short

This is the third documentary short in my profile series. I came across Ron while walking through the Boston Common near Park street. He was articulate, thoughtful, and a pleasure to talk to – and he agreed to an interview.

He was working, and agreed to the interview if I promised to keep it under 10 minutes. This was difficult, as it takes me a while to get going and it’s almost impossible to get to “that place” in an interview when you’ve only got a couple minutes.

Lilah – A Documentary Short

Lilah is the 4th piece in my short documentary profile series.

Lilah is a psychic, about 55 years old, who has lived within the same 2 block radius in downtown Boston her entire life. Her neighborhood once rife with crime, drug abuse, strip clubs and prostitution, is now home to luxury high-rise buildings and multiple college campuses. Her business and home, and a few of the other area taverns and restaurants, are the last of the “old time” holdouts.

The idea of interviewing a psychic interested me early on in this project, as I pass several on my walking route each day. I worked up the nerve to buzz the psychic on the 2nd floor of one building in particular, and was immediately buzzed up. There I met Lilah who was very, very reluctant to be interviewed. I was quickly informed that 1-2 times each month she is asked for interviews by students, newspapers and magazines – and she turns them all down. I took my time, didn’t push, and enjoyed a 30-minute conversation about nothing much at all. I showed her the piece I did on Pat, whom she knows. At the end, she agreed to see me the next day but wouldn’t allow me to film her face. I reluctantly agreed. I suppose I could always film her hands?

Jeffrey – A Documentary Short

Jeffrey was introduced to me by my colleague and friend Nicole Prowell, who produced this piece.

Jeffrey is a former professional boxer and a trainer at “the ring” boxing club in Boston. He has a compelling story, and an amazing life vision which anyone who views can learn from.

I filmed this piece on a Sony EX1 with a Letus 35mm Adapter and a Zeiss Planar T* f1.4/85mm prime lens. Final Cut Pro and magic bullet looks.

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