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Over the last 24 months, I’ve been privileged to work on some really cool projects as something of an adhoc crowdfunding consultant. After my own first film project was successfully crowdfunded, I developed a unique set of “must do’s” which has helped contribute to the success of a number of other projects collectively raising more than $400k (for several of these projects including my own, substantial funds were raised offline and not contributed to the Kickstarter totals below). These projects have been featured all over the web, from Wired to CNN, and have been spurred along by social media engines like Twitter and Facebook and an army of fans. Two projects are in the Kickstarter top 20, one is in a top 5 (most donated), and one (my own documentary project) earned an 2010 Kickstarter award. Most of these are not “my” projects, but I’m proud of the close role I have played in helping these talented artists get their projects off the ground and strategize all the way to the end. Below are some selected testimonials by friends and colleagues whose work I’ve been able to help, though this list is not up to date:

(If you’re looking for kickstarter advice, I will direct you to this article which should answer any question you might have about how to prepare to run an effective campaign):


LIVE YOUR DREAM: The Taylor Anderson Story

Hollow – Interactive Documentary

Popovich – Fiction Narrative feature film

Fable – Fiction Narrative short film

The most helpful advice that Nathaniel Hansen gave this project was to market ourselves to the people who would take a special interest in the film. Once we refocused our funding efforts to appeal to these people, the money came faster than expected. Hansen’s help was crucial to the success in finishing the Fable.

250/250 Windsor Vermont Project

10,000 Trees – Short Documentary Film

Sync – Fiction Narrative Film

You once made the statement in class that ‘any one of you could raise between 5-10k right now’ – I didn’t really believe you.
Thanks again for sharing the great info that made this campaigns success possible. Feel free to share my case as an example to your class of how following your formula works. – Houston Yang, Director/DP, Sync

Losing Lebron – Feature Length Documentary Film

The Price – Animated Short Film

the price kickstarter

The Banjo Project – Feature Length Documentary Film

Nathaniel’s advice was invaluable at every stage, particularly in how to prepare and set up a Kickstarter campaign, as well as how to sustain it after it’s been launched. — Marc Fields, The Banjo Project

Liars, Fires & Bears – Feature Length Fiction Film

Launching a kickstarter seems like a total dice roll, but, if you know someone who’s been through it, they will tell you it’s not so much a gamble, as a strategy. Nathaniel shared his experience with several successfully funded kickstarters, making me calm and collected when I would have been pulling my hair out. Knowing how donations come in waves and how to initiate new waves was ultimately what made my project successful (we raised 12,000 in 30 days) and I ow that to the advice nathaniel had given me throughout the process. — Jeremy Cloe, Liars, Fires & Bears

The Elders – Feature Length Documentary Film

My own project, sucessfully crowdfunded in May 2010 and received two matching donations from organizations who were following the project online.

KMC 2.0 – Concert

Nathaniel gave us a ton of great tips that helped us set up our Kickstarter fundraiser and successfully fund our new live show. Here are three of Nathaniel’s tips that we thought were extremely important:

1) Make an interesting pitch video.
2) Make killer rewards.
3) Promote throughout the course of your fundraiser with email (and Facebook) blasts. – Brett Bolton (Kid Meets Cougar)

“A lot of people say that the constant reminders are what got them to head over to the site in the end – they wanted to give, but kept putting it off until it got closer.” -Nathaniel Hansen

Movies of the Future with Lloyd Kaufman – Short Documentary Film

The Lower Nine – Feature Length Documentary Film

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