I have several projects in various stages of production. Below are those that are furthest along in their development or production phases. They’re listed below in no particular order:

The Elders
Through the eyes of an aging generation, The Elders examines what it really means to live, by coming of age. This website is dedicated to showcasing the stories filmed and the filmmaker’s journey to film them. Scheduled for release in 2011.

Point of No Return
“THE POINT OF NO RETURN” follows the world’s first ecological refugees, residents of a small pacific island nation (Kiribati), whose days are numbered, as they live out their lives knowing their island will soon be unable to sustain life. The documentary film follows local Kiribati families as their lives ebb and flow around the consequences of the rising tide. Through observational footage and personal conversations, the beauty of the island landscape and the distinct Kiribati way of life, it’s humor, joy, and deeply held spiritual beliefs, are in stark contrast with the reality that their island will eventually be unable to sustain life. To learn more about this project, please visit the separate documentary film website.

PROFILES is an ongoing short documentary series that examines ‘everyday’ people in ‘everyday’ places as they go about their lives. The project works under the premise that everyone has a story to tell, and through sharing we can better understand the world in which we live.

Beyond the Mountains
BEYOND THE MOUNTAINS follows Haitian President Preval and his team of associates as they scramble to rebuild an already broken nation. Committed to breaking down and confronting stereotypes presented by mainstream media, the film looks to present intimate portraits of individuals working to overcome insurmountable odds in the face of international assistance, scrutiny and criticism. The project is broken in to two parts: a standalone feature length documentary; a website featuring edited versions of all of the interviews we conduct with a variety of individuals.

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